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Drone Magic- SF International Festival of Bagpipes

  Sunday , Dec 10, 2017         4:00 PM        $20 Children free

Event Details

Drone Magic is a unique festival with bagpipe music from aound the world. For the 10th time pipers gather to perform the music and traditions of their heritage.  From dark laments to fiery dance music, listen to the piping traditions of Ireland, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Scotland, Italy, Greece, Hungary and more.

The events program:

4:00 pm 

Screening and discussion an English subtitled 40 minute film by F. Tobak: Hungarian bagpipers in Moldavia.

5:00 pm

Gala concert with theme: Different cultures celebrating winter solstice with bagpipes. From Santa Lucias day in Sweden to the New Year tradition of Hungarians live in Moldavia, and between.

 Gala concert performances in order:

1 Ferenc Tobak, Lilla Serlegi: Bagpipes of the Carpathian basin, with Paul Katona dance

2 Brian Steeger, Marianne Steeger and friends, Gaita Galagea of Spain

3 Mark Walstrom and Jennie Walstrom, Swedish "Sackpipa"

4 Lynn Miller, Great Highland Pipe of Scotland

Break (5 min)

5 Hector Bezanis, "Gaida" the bagpipe of the Balkan, Michael Garibaldi drum

6 Thomas Osentoski, Polish "Koza"

7 William Wakefield, Northumbrian small pipe

8 Todd Denman, Tim Hill, Autumn Rhodes, Irish Uilleanne pipe

Finale piece

Moldavian New Years Celebration perform by all the pipers and recited by Paul Katona. 

There will be an exhibition of different bagpipes in the kafana/

Tickets by the door or ordered in advance:

https://www.brownpapertickets. com/event/3189458

 Facebook page: s/180979179119905/permalink/18 6578895226600/



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