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Caleb Klauder


Caleb Klauder has been playing mandolin in the traditional styles of old time and bluegrass for over 15 years and performs with the Foghorn Stringband. You can also hear him in a duo with Stephen “Sammy” Lind and he fronts his own country band.   Caleb’s style most closely resembles old time fiddle playing.  Being a fiddler, singer, guitar player, as well as a mandolinist, he has a well rounded sense of traditional music. 
As a teacher Caleb puts focus on the importance of melody and rhythm in support of the fiddle, and the tune in general.  The mandolin has many roles and Caleb is aware that there are many approaches one can take to adapt to any given moment. 
You can hear Caleb playing on the following albums:Foghorn Stringband:   Rattlesnake Tidalwave, Reap What You Sow,  Weiser Sunrise, Boombox Squredance
Foghorn Duo:              Lonesome Song
Dirk Powell:                 Time Again
Pig Iron:                       Fill Me Up
Caleb Klauder:            Dangerous Mes and Poisonous Yous

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