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Milla Milojkovic


Milla Milojkovic is a well-known jazz singer, and currently resides in San Francisco.  Born to a Croatian mother who grew up in Bosnia, and a Serbian father, folk music and culture was a prominent feature of her youth.  Milla was an inspired musician and vocalist from an early age; she began playing tamburitza and piano at the age of 5, and eventually went on to study opera at Manhattan School of Music, earning a Bachelor of Music from San Francisco Conservatory of Music.  Milla has worked and recorded with artists such as Larry Vuckovich, Adam Shulman, Noel Jewkes, John Wiitala, and Dayna Stephens.  Milla enjoys the creative freedoms of jazz, and believes that there is a true synthesis between jazz and Balkan music, for both genres welcome improvisation and require chops.

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