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Danny Ovanin


Danny Ovanin is a well known and highly accomplished Tamburas.  Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Danny has been playing tambura since the young age of 6.  Danny is the son of Croatian parents who instilled in their children a love for Croatian culture, language, and most notably, music.  He was very active with the Yeseta Brothers in Los Angeles, and following a move to Chicago, Danny began to play with prestigious musicians such as Joe Kirin, Joe Grlica, and Robi Sestili.  He has produced recordings with Boduli, Slanina, 8601, Sonya Kosovec, Momcilo Nikolic and TRroma.  His “home” band is TRroma of Chicago, and Danny was recently awarded a 2009 Founder’s Award from the Tamburitza Association of America.

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