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Rayhan Tuzsuz


Reyhan Tuzsuz is an internationally acclaimed Turkish Romani dancer from Istanbul, who teaches and performs in the traditional non-professional Romani dance style performed by women for Romani social and ritual celebrations in their community. Reyhan learned her improvisational dance style informally through oral tradition at weddings and community events. Romani female non-professional dance involves a wealth of subtle moves and gestures that are only known within the community, and are not performed on stage.  Reyhan is not only an expert at performing these improvised movements that encode social statements and playful responses; she is unusually gifted in being able to convey these movements, explain their meaning, and teach them to non-Roma women.  Reyhan is strongly recognized for her style of dance in both her own community and by her many international students. Students from Brazil, Japan, England, Australia and the US have flocked to her classes. Reyhan Tuzsuz has also taught and performed in numerous workshops and concerts in Istanbul, and has participated in America at the World Music Folklife Center’s Washington DC Herdeljezi Festival. This is Reyhan's first time on the West Coast and will be a great opportunity to learn Turkish Romani traditional community based belly dance.

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