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Raif Hyseni


Raif Hyseni hails from The Republic of Kosova, which has a large Albanian majority. He grew up in the town of Mitrovicë, where he studied accordion at music school and performed in amateur ensembles.

Before moving to Tiranë in 1992, Raif was a well-known radio and television performer in Prishtinë, the capital of Kosova, where he was a member of the group Besnikët. Through his recordings and media appearances, Raif has become known as a major innovator on the accordion, for which he has composed dozens of instrumental melodies.

Raif and his wife, singer Merita Halili, emigrated to the United States in 1995, and now make their home in New Jersey. They perform frequently around the country on numerous stages, festivals and at community weddings.

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