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Dusan Ristic


Dusan Ristic (violin&vocals) - A multi-talented Romani musician and artist. Born in Valjevo, Serbia, Ristic comes from a family of musicians and teachers. He and his brother Dragan founded the band Kal in Belgrade, which went on to become one of the most popular Romani bands in the European world music circuit. Dusan Ristic also founded the Amala School in Valjevo where students learn traditional Romani music, dance and language. Dusan emigrated to San Francisco in 2003 and  works in IT field, fine art. He exhibited at the Venice Biennale Romani Pavilion and is currently one of the featured exhibitors at Google HQ in Mountain View with GooArt - Art@Google group and with Voice of Roma annual events. He also teaches Romani language. Ristic founded Galbeno to express his passion and devotion to Romani music. Galbeno performs the music and Balkan Roma with an emphasis on traditional songs in the Romani language.

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