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Joe Kirin


Joe Kirin (vocals, tambura) began playing the tambura in 1967 at the age of nine as a member of the Chicago Sloboda Jr. Tammies. However, his passion for tambura began much earlier while growing up listening to “Sloboda Orchestra of Chicago”, the group in which both his Dad Joe and Uncle Steve performed. It was there where Joe’s desire and passion to play tambura and sing grew. Much of Joe’s life has about the perpetuation, preservation and elevation of tambura. From an early age until today, Joe has always been dedicated to expand and elevate tambura in the world and make it available to all who will listen. At the age of 19, Joe helped to form Sinovi of Chicago and from there, went on to perform with Slanina, and currently with T-Rroma, and The KGB. Joe has been influenced by, and performed with, many tamburaši in the U.S. and abroad, including Jerry Grcevich, Bogdan ‘Billy’ Topolski, Kosovec Family, Momcilo Nikolic, Branko Pavlovic, and many other excellent tamburaši. In summer of 2012, Joe performed as a soloist at the 2012 Tambura Festival at Petrovaradin in Novi Sad.

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