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Slavonian Traveling Band


The diverse sound and repertoire of The Slavonian Traveling Band crosses all boundaries and speaks for tolerance and hope. The popular eight member ensemble, The Slavonian Traveling Band, blends traditional Bosnian, Sephardic, Roma (Gypsy), Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian music with original songs in the American folk tradition. The acoustic ensemble sings haunting sevdalinkas (Bosnian for "blues"), ballads in traditional harmonies, and represents a newly emerging "California-sevdah" style of music. The band's program blends traditional music with original songs influenced by American spirituals, blues, and story telling traditions, and makes a real time moving connection to the diaspora and the culture of the Balkan peoples.


Founded in 1986, the Slavonian Traveling Band performs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as a tamburitza orchestra typical of the Balkan region. This type of band takes its name from a family of lute-like stringed instruments called tamburitzas which come in different sizes, shapes and numbers of strings. The Band also plays instruments found on the Dalmacian coast of Croatia, including the mandolin, mandola, and guitar. As the Band's repertoire features Macedonian and Romany (gypsy) music, they often include the sax, harmonica, and dumbek (drum).

The Slavonian Traveling Band has performed at the Copia Cultural Center in Napa, Seattle Folk Life Festival, Tamburitza Extravaganza in Reno, San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, Oakland's Festival of the Lake, La Pena, Mills College, Hertz Hall, Croatian American Cultural Center, and at many ethnic picnics and weddings.

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