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Aurora Mandolin Orchestra


The Aurora Mandolin Orchestra was founded in 1970 by mandolin virtuoso, Gino Pellegrini,concertmaster and director until his death in 2006.  It has since been conducted and directed by his wife, Josephine Pellegrini, who has successfully preserved Gino's legacy of bringing the vibrancy and passion of the mandolin orchestral repertoire to new audiences throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, at various organizations and festivals.  Their greatest achievement was a performance at the San Francisco's opening night at Davies Hall.

The orchestra consists of up to thirty professional and amateur musicians, mandolin, mandola, mandocello, guitar, string bass, accordion, flute and percussion with a varied repertoire.  This year marks "Aurora's" 9th appearance in the SF Mandolin Festival with an exciting program which includes Italian music, two popular musical medleys and an opera selection.  Bob Rizzetto and Ginnie Hawley, whom Jo has delegated as Assistant conductors, will also be participating.

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Aurora Mandolin Orchestra


Location: San Francisco, California

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