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ChoroTime - Brazilian Music


ChoroTime is a San Francisco Bay Area choro band. Choro is a style of music from Brazil which first became popular there in the 1920s to '40s, nurtured in the cafés and bistros of Rio de Janeiro and other urban centers. Choro or sometimes chorinho, (referring to individual pieces) has many similarities to ragtime, traditional New Orleans jazz and hot-rhythm music from the United States, but with samba based rhythms played on fretted stringed instruments, and often a single wind instrument. Its roots go back as far as the late 1800's European dance forms, Portuguese ultra-romanticism, and the rhythms of African and indigenous people.

The long, highly syncopated and charming melodies reached their zenith in the works of Pixinguinha, Ernesto Nazareth, Jacob do Bandolim, Waldir Azevedo, K-Ximbinho and many others. Although the choro genre includes many songs, it is predominantly an instrumentalist's form played for the love of playing. It survives today in Brazil and internationally, being kept alive by a new generation of players devoted to Brazil's "traditional" jazz.


Location: San Francisco, California

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