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Sinovi of Chicago


sinoviAbout SINOVI of Chicago… It's only partially true that the SINOVI Tamburica Orchestra of Chicago, which consists of Joe and Nick Gornick, Steve Kirin, Mark Oreskovich and Tom Vucinic, was formed in 1978. It's also partially true that the group was created in the Croatian cities and villages of Zagreb, Zlobin, Gospic, Ostrc, Vrbovsko, Sveti Martin and the Island of Brac. And in Chicago, Joliet, Alsip and Wood River, Illinois; Gary, Indiana; and Pueblo, Colorado, as well. You see, "sinovi" is Croatian for "sons," so this orchestra is part of an unbroken circle that began to take shape long before any of its members can remember. They're carrying on the traditions of their great-grandparents, their grandparents, their parents and the countless people who packed their hopes and dreams into trunks and headed from wherever they lived in the Old Country to wherever they settled in America. Since the guys from SINOVI were children, they have been playing the music of these people-their songs of love and loss. A mutual love of the tambura caused their lives to intersect.

SINOVI doesn't play only Croatian songs for audiences, however. In much the same way that their ancestors left Europe for North America, SINOVI has taken tambura out of the village and has adapted it to life in the new world. For more than two decades, SINOVI's trademark has been to mix traditional Croatian music with country-western, bluegrass and rock-and-roll. They've written their own songs and have learned others by everyone from Woody Guthrie, Frank Sinatra and Paul McCartney to top named performers from the Old Country, like Kico Slabinac, Oliver Dragojevic and Miro Skoro, all in the interest of keeping people entertained and making the sweet sound of the tambura accessible to as wide an audience as possible. During performances throughout the last 20 years, SINOVI has taken listeners from the plains of Slavonia, the hills of Zumberak and the sun-bleached coast of Dalmatia to the mountains of Colorado, the street fairs of Chicago and the clubs of Liverpool, and back. They share with audiences the music of where they came from and of where-and who-they are. SINOVI takes you on a round trip, full circle. SINOVI thanks music lovers for bringing them into their homes and their hearts. And for allowing them to share their music, their lives, and be a part of your lives.

Video Clips

Sinovi - TAA Tamburitza Extravaganza Reno 2007
Sinovi Chicago Hospitality room

Sinovi of Chicago Live
Famous Tamburitza Orchestra features "Toma" on lead vocals at TAA Extravaganza - New Orleans



Location: Chicago, Illinois

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