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Marla Fibish - Irish mandolin


Marla Fibish - mandolin, mandola Marla has been a part of the San Francisco Irish Music scene for the last 20 years. Her reputation as a mandolin player is unique - she is known for playing the music, as it were, from the driver's seat. Her playing is driving and rhythmic, her style is playful, whimsical, and as lyrical as one can be on a tightly strung little box you play with a plectrum. She is also a singer, and uses the warm midrange tones of the mandola as accompaniment to her alto voice. Marla has appeared in many guises over the years, in the duo 'Double Treble' with singer, guitar player and fellow mandolinist Sylvia Herold; for many years with the primarily vocal group 'Out of the Rain'; as the 'tall blonde' in 'The Frontmen' with Rory McNamara and Steven Coyle, and most recently fronting her own group, 'Heart of the Roll'.


Location: San Francisco, California

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