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Boduli - Croatian Music


A passion and genuine love for Croatian tambura music served as the genesis for Boduli. Five guys from Chicago and one from L.A. came together with more heart than technical skills or band marketing savvy, and delivered the sounds of their Croatian heritage and her native instruments to anyone who would listen. That was 1991.

Fast forward almost a decade. One more band member and three albums later, Boduli has endured to become one of America's best tambura bands. From New York to Los Angeles, Boduli has traveled the country playing traditional tambura music as well as the more modern sounds of tambura, which incorporate drums and guitar. The group has performed for weddings, banquets, graduation parties, festivals, church, christenings, funerals, and fund-raisers benefiting Croatia when she was engaged in war.

Traditionally, tambura has a sweet, melodic sound. Tambura originated in an area of Croatia known as Slavonia. As people started to settle in different parts of the country they brought the music with them, which is why we have tambura music in places like Zagorje, Lika, and Zagreb. Although still anchored by the traditional instruments--bas prim, bisernica, berde, cello, and kontra-- tambura music has evolved and invokes Latin and rock 'n' roll rhythms. Boduli is embracing the evolution with infusions of the distinct sounds of guitar and drums in songs written by the band members themselves. Following the lead of popular tambura bands in Croatia, such as Gazde and Sarmeri, the newer version of tambura music hopes to get young people hooked.

A somewhat unusual name for a tambura band, Boduli means islanders. They chose their name based on the area of Croatia from where their families hail-Dalmacija, which has more than 1,000 islands on its coast.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

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