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Tanya Kostova - Bulgarian dance


Stojanka Kostova Karakitukova ("Tanya") is from the Plovdiv area of Western Thrace in Bulgaria. She developed she passion for traditional music and dance from her family, especially from her maternal grandmother, Stojana, one of the four leading singers in Paniceri, a village in the Sredna Gora region. Tanya spent much of her childhood and every vacation with her grandmother, who imbued Tanya with a feeling and appreciation for the songs, customs, and dances of that area. She was accepted into the Academy of Music and Dance Arts in Plovdiv. She became one of the original members and a soloist for eight years with the State Folk Ensemble Trakija where she developed her interest in, and love for, Rhodope dance and music.



Location: San Francisco, California

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