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Ivo Papasov - Bulgarian Wedding Band music


Ivo Papasov was born in 1952 in Kurdzhali, Thrace, Bulgaria. He is the most famous practitioner of Bulgaria's most favoured musical format. Master clarinettist Ivo Papasov is the King Of Wedding Music. Though Western European eyebrows might be raised at such a title, it equates Papasov with the status of superstar in his native country. Papasov and his Orchestra tour the Balkans, playing several weddings a week (many couples will re-arrange the dates of their ceremonies to coincide with a blank entry in his diary). He descends from a long line of zurna (double-reed instrument) and clarinetists. After forming his first ensemble in 1974, he gradually evolved from a traditional Thracian repertoire into a jazz-inspired improvisational set. This new work nevertheless maintained the complex time-signatures required of traditional Bulgarian dance music.

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Ivo Papasov & His Wedding Band

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