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Although Tamburitza Rroma (T-Rroma) is based in Chicago, its musical roots — and its fan base — spread far beyond that city’s boundaries. Its repertoire, which includes original as well as folk and modern compositions, is as rich and diverse as the culture of the Gypsy (or the preferred “Rom”), from which it takes its name. At every performance, therefore, T-Rroma takes its audience on a compelling worldwide journey that stretches from the Balkans to South America, punctuated from start to finish by everything from hushed and haunting ballads to powerful, pulsating Latin rhythms.
T-Rroma’s members all are seasoned performers who have been honing their musical skills since childhood. Each has played with top-notch musicians and singers in America, Canada and the former Yugoslavia. Several years ago they came together to form T-Rroma, and since then, the ensemble has built a large and loyal fan base in its home city and throughout the U.S. It is T-Rroma’s ability to blend soulful passion with technical expertise – its knack for delivering complex instrumental pieces and vocal arrangements with what appears to be effortless precision – that has made the band one of the most sought-after orchestras in the country



Location: Chicago, Illinois

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