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Nestinari, a Bay Area ensemble based in Concord, have been together since 1998.  The name comes from the Bulgarian word nestinare, which means firewalkers.  The repertoire of Nestinari ensemble consists mostly of dance tunes from Thrace, Southern Bulgaria, but recently it became more diverse as the new members came from different regions of Bulgaria.  The ensemble performs mostly for family gatherings and festivals organized by the local Bulgarian American community.  While most members learned to play Bulgarian instruments through public school music programs in Bulgaria, today they are learning repertoire from professional Bulgarian singers and instrumentalists residing in the Bay Area like Maria and Vassil Bebelekov.  The members of Nestinari ensemble are: Ivan Kabaianov (kaval), Nikolay (bass, guitar, tambura), Georgi Kabaianov (gayda), Marcus Moskoff (gudulka), Rumyana Chimeva (singer), and Milen Varimezov (keyboard).


Location: San Francisco, California

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