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Tsvetanka Varimezovi


Tsvetanka  Varimezovi , though famous for her outstanding voice, primarily studied tambura while she was in school, and also learned to play the accordion. She attended the folk music high school in Kotel, and continued her education at the music conservatory in Plovdiv.  For five years, both during and after her university studies, she was a member of Ansambl Trakija. In 1991, Tzvetanka joined the Kutev Ensemble, and over the years was also a member and soloist in Cosmic Voices, Le Grande Voix Bulgare, and the National Radio Choir in Sofia.   Throughout the nineties, Tzvetanka was the co-director of the state music ensemble in Pazardzhik.  In 2001, she conducted residencies at UCLA.  Over the last three years, Tzvetanka has worked intensively with American vocal music groups performing Bulgarian and other Balkan choral music forms including the UCLA Balkan Women’s Choir, Kitka, Nevenka and Zhena.

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