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Tamburitza Festival - a colorful history going back to city's early days
Alan T. Saracevic, Chronicle Staff Writer
Thursday , Feb 17, 2005

It was a whaling ship that brought him here, although that wasn't exactly the plan. He was to sail the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of California, harvesting humpbacks. But the weather rose up and the young Croatian sailor found himself high up in the rigging at the wrong time. The storm shook him free, and he fell to the ship's deck, breaking a leg, among other things. The ship limped into full article

Lively strains and laments of Tamburitza call across the ages
Alan T. Saracevic, Chronicle Staff Writer
Thursday , Feb 17, 2005

It's funny how a single word can take you back.

As a kid growing up on the east side of Cleveland, it took but one word from my Dad to strike the fear in me. Nothing harsh. He just had to say, "Tamburitza."

Usually happened over dinner, or during cocktail hour, or while we were swatting mosquitoes out on the back porch. I'd hear the "T" word full article

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Bagpipe Festival: Banda deGaita

Swedish Sackpipa    

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