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The San Francisco Festival of the Mandolins 2001

Format: cd   |  Released: 2001

Cost: $15

This edited collection of songs are the gems of an amazing feast of non-stop mandolin playing by seven of the San Francisco Bay Area's best bands. Recorded live at the Croatian American Cultural Center on May 6th, 2001.

The recording captures a wide variety of traditions in which the mandolin has played an important role including Bosnian, Brazilian, Croatian, German, Greek, Italian, Klezmer, Old-time American Bluegrass, and Russian.

Aurora and Silver Strings ensembles feature mandolins of various sizes playing similar roles to violins, violas, cellos, and basses in traditional orchestral ensembles. Performances by Ellis Island, the Helenicks, and the Slavonian Traveling Band revealed the mandolin's adaptability to various ethnic traditions as a melodic instrument. Crying High and the Jubilee American String Band highlight the mandolin's adaptability in a more percussive role.

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