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The 3rd Ever San Francisco Tamfest

Format: cd   |  Released: 2002

Cost: $15

This live recording captures the spirit of an excitng two days of tamburitza playing and singing at San Francisco's Croatian American Cultural Center. The lutelike tamburitza and passionate singing are at the heart of Bosnian, Croatian and Surbian cultural expression. Featured her are some of the best tradtional bands in California joined by the fabulous Becari from St.Louis.

Groups performing:

The Becari Tamburitza Orchestra of St. Louis was formed in 1974. The members of this ensemble are second genertion South Slavs who grew up hearing tamburitza music at the family gatherings and important social fuctions in their community. Most of the members received their tamburitza instruction from theri families and in the St. Louis Junior Croatian Tamburitzans. Major influences in their style of playing are the Duvav Tamburitza Orchestsra of Chicago, the Popovich Brothers, and Dave Zupkovich. Their song selection is very versatile and includes Croatian, Serbian, Russian, Greek, Romanian, and Hungarian folk tunes.

Blue Adriatic is one of the youngest tamburitza ensembles in the San Francisco Bay Area. This enemble is affiliated with the Croatian community in San Jose whose vibrant educational progarams in folk dance and culture led to the actual inception of Blue Adriatic. They perform at all major social functions in the Croatian community, as well as at major multicultural events in San Jose.

St. Anthony's Tamburitza Orchestsra is the house band of the St Anthony's Tamburitza and Kolo Club "Croatia" of Los Angeles, led by Tom Yeseta. Besides a standard tamburitza dance and song epertoire, this ensemble is known for their interpretations of excerpts from Croatian operas, classics of the Croatian music theater, and compostions written specifically for the tamburitza ensembles. In addition to this secular repertoire, the ensemble plays regularly for services in St. Anthony's church.

The Dalmacijo Singers, one of the groups existing under the umbrella of the Slavonic Cultural Center, have been delighting audiences since 1986. This choral ensemble has performed in various concerts, ethnic festivals, family gatherings, and Church of Nativity functions. With many of the member's family ties linking to the Dalmation Coast, their repertorie consists mostly of songs from different parts of Croatia. They fill out their repertoire with songs from Slovenia, Bosnia and other Balkan countries.

The Novi Stari Tamburasi ensemble led by Caroline Bahr, a graduate of Duquesne Universiy Tamburitza, performs regularly at the festivals organized in the Slavonic Cultural Center. This group features a fine selection of urban folk music standards coming from regions of northern Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast. By attending tamburitza and folk music festivals in Croatan and the US, they are involved in collecting and preenting contemporary tamburitza music to San Francisco audiences.

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